Our Favorite Productivity Tools

Recommended Productivity Tools

Khorus was built for CEOs by a CEO, and works best at the enterprise level. In other words, an organization of 10 employees is unlikely to see the same benefits from Khorus that an organization of 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 employees will. In Khorus, the CEO, departments, teams, and people, all create a small number of aligned, high-level goals for the quarter, then communicate about them weekly, using our unique predictive approach. This keeps everyone on the same page and allows the CEO to steer the business effectively. But Khorus is not the best tool for more tactical project management or to-do tracking. The following is a short list of some excellent productivity tools. If you lead a smaller team, one of these is likely sufficient for your needs. And if you lead a larger organization, your teams may still find these tools useful in conjunction with Khorus.

Basecamp. Basecamp is one of the best team collaboration tools. It includes teams, projects, check-ins, calendars, chat, and more.

Todoist. This is our first choice for tracking personal productivity, and it also allows teams to track and share to-dos.

Trello. One of the best kanban-style tracking tools out there, Trello can help your team keep track of all kinds of tasks as projects are completed.

Do you have questions about whether Khorus is a good fit for your organization? Read more about our product here or get in touch anytime: info@www.ceosoftware.co.